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Child Awareness Days

June 3, 2008



Next week I will hold a presention on child poverty during the UCM Awareness Days. The Charity Committee of the University College in Maastricht organize these awareness days in part to raise money for a Burmese  NGO and to raise awareness about issues including violations of child rights, child soldiers and child poverty. But above all, it’s about having a positive discussion on how everyone can contribute to the improvement of these situations.

My presentation will focus on child poverty as a global issues, considering its definition and measurement and implications for different parts of the world. Is there a unified way of identifying children as being poor? Or do children in developing countries need to be considered differently from children in developed countries? How do children experience poverty and does it matter? Is child poverty about the current situation or about (lack of) possibilities in the future? These issues and more will be discussed during an interactive session.

See the announcement below for more info:


Unfortunately, today’s session is cancelled. ChildTRAC was not able to present today and in order to have a full session, the whole event is postponed. A new date will be planned in September.

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