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Busy week

June 12, 2008
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This week is a hectic and busy one with many different activities seeming to happen all at once. The ESPP PhD SummerSchool takes place at MGSoG this and next week and I am now participating in an econometrics course on discrete choice modeling by William Greene. Instead of reading one his econometrics books or papers, he is actually in Maastricht teaching all about logit, probit, count, multinomial models and more. It’s good but hard to digest at times.

Also, our project team is preparing a project proposal for a research project aiming to assess the socio-economic of HIV/AIDS on poverty and vulnerability in Vietnam. Although I haven’t done any work on HIV/AIDS so far, I can add value to the team through my experience with the household data and poverty calculations for Vietnam. Gaining this new experience will be a great addition to my current work.

But my current work is by no means done, nore the topic exhausted. I finally received the information on how to replicate the World Bank monetary poverty calculations for Vietnam, which means I can really deepen my analysis on child poverty in Vietnam. I am looking forward to see what answers I might find for questions like “does it make a difference to measure child poverty in monetary of multidimensional terms? ” and “are the characteristics of those children identified as being poor by both or either one of the approaches different? “. It is almost a shame that I am on vacation next week…

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