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Discussing Multidimensional Poverty in Geneva

July 1, 2008


Last week was the EADI Conference in Geneva where I was one of the paper presenters. Next to the overall theme of sustainable development, there were also separate working groups for more thematic discussions. I spent most of my time in the multidimensional poverty working group, which was very interesting and inspiring. Other presenters in this working group were Sabina Alkire from OPHI in Oxford, Allister McGregor from the University of Bath, Andy Sumner from IDS and David Durkee from East London. It was nice and useful to discuss my specific paper but also other related issues around the concept, measurement and use of multidimensional poverty methods and meet new people. Also, the working group is very much thinking about new ways to look at poverty or wellbeing, especially beyond the MDG’s or the targets set for 2015. What happens afterwards and how do we incorporate issues such as climate change and environmental risks. All in all, it was an inspiring week with a lot of new contacts and new thoughts and I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to that!

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