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Quiet period…

August 18, 2008


I realize that I haven’t posted anything new on my blog for some time but then again, it’s also vacation period… It’s been nice and quiet at the School during the last few weeks, giving me the opportunity to work on a few thing in my own pace. Let me give you a short update.

My first priority was to have a draft report ready for our UNICEF project on child poverty in Vietnam. If all goes according to plan, we will presenting our research work of the last one and a half years in September in Hanoi. There will be a workshop for all stakeholders including, UN and other international organizations, Ministries, academic institutions and NGO’s where we present the results on child poverty, its size, distribution and explaining factors. Quite exciting to see all this work culminating into one report and to be present it to the people that will hopefully work with it in the future.

The draft report is now under revision and in the meantime I’m working on a paper for a conference in Kiel in the beginning of September. The theme of the conference is Income Distribution and the Family and my paper focuses on the distribution of child poverty in Vietnam over various demographic and socio-economic groups. Are some groups more prone to child poverty or is there an equal opportunity for all to have a good standard of living?

Slowly, life is also coming back to the School. In two weeks time, the new academic year will start again and we will welcome a large groups of new Master students and PhD fellows here. Although a quiet environment is conducive to writing reports and papers, I look forward to a bit more life again!

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