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Virtual presentation at the HDCA Conference

September 1, 2008


Next week, the annual conference of the Human Development and Capability Association will be held in New Delhi, India. A very interesting conference as the association’s members do groundbreaking research on multidimensional poverty measurement and the capability approach. One of the previous presidents was Amartya Sen, who can be considered the main authority in this field and needs no further introduction. And currently I am basing a lot of my own research on Sabine Alkire’s work. So it would have been great to travel to India and attend the conference but unfortunately that’s not an option at the moment. However, the wonders of modern technology did make it possible for to participate in an alternative manner!

I was asked to participate in a panel on poverty measurement and concurrent issues that go beyond the 21st century and standard ways of looking at these issues. The presentation I gave at EADI in Geneva on the use of a global versus country-specific poverty measurement approach seemed to fit right in with the other presentations focusing on the effects of climate change on well-being, perceptions of well-being and those “left behind” by the MDG’s. As actual participation in the conference in India was not possible, we considered the option of a virtual presentation. Last week, I taped my presentation so it can be shown during the panel session in Delhi. Not perfect as I can not directly react to feedback, questions or comments but a very good opportunity to be part of the panel. I’m happy that the other panelists were open to this alternative!

After the conference, I will also upload the presentation on this blog so everyone can have a look.

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