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Social Assistance in Kosovo

February 12, 2009


In the last week of January, I went for a second mission to Prishtina for our project with UNICEF Kosovo. The aim of this visit was to prepare the collection of qualitative data together with the local research team and to start work on the quantitative Household Budget Survey. The analysis of the survey data will give us a broad answer to our question: what is the impact of the social assistance benefit scheme on children? It will enable us to assess the characteristics of participants and non-participants and consider their living conditions. However, the qualitative data can provide more in-depth information about why and how and the situation of children. Qualitative data will be collected through focus group discussion and interviews. Focus group discussions will take place with members of families that receive social assistance as well as families that do not receive social assistance. Interviews will be conducted with employees of the Centers for Social Work, which implement the social assistance scheme. We hope to start with the actual interviews and discussion in March that will be largely conducted by the local research team. A third mission to Kosovo will be planned during that time and it will be exciting to learn more from the people themselves!

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