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Teaching, training and research

March 11, 2009


After a hectic period in January with a lot time spent out of the office rather than in the office, I now have more time to focus on work in the School. That does not, however, imply that things have become less busy. Activities during the last month as well as the upcoming weeks include preparation of teaching and training, facilitating online learning communities and doing research. So there’s nothing quiet about this time spent in Maastricht!

Next week, the School will start its third round of the UNICEF Learning Programme for senior staff focused on evidence-based policy making for children. The programme consists of two phases, the first one of which is an E-Learning phase. In June, all 200 participants will come to Maastricht for a face-to-face training of two weeks. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for the organization of the programme and will act as a facilitator during the E-Learning and face-to-face training. It will be exciting to meet and work with the new participants both online and in real-life!

I am also currently preparing and coordinating the upcoming Master’s course on Poverty and Inequality. Together with colleagues from the University of Antwerp, we are preparing a 6-week course on concepts and technicalities involved with the measurement and understanding of poverty and inequality. Within the broad range of topics, I will be teaching on multidimensional poverty measurement.

In addition to these teaching and training activities, there are also a lot of research and project activities. By the end of March or beginning of April, there will be a next mission to Kosovo for the collection of qualitative data. We are working on the quantitative household survey data to be able to put our results into context. The papers written for the conferences in Singapore and Egypt are also being finalized for post-conference publications. In other words, there is enough work to be done!

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