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Last-minute trip to Paris

March 23, 2009


Due to an unfortunate ski-accident of my colleague (which wasn’t too bad, fortunately), I had the chance to go to Paris last week and attend a conference on the Measurement of Poverty, Income Inequality and Social Exclusion. The conference was jointly organized by the OECD and University of Maryland and focused on the exchange of European and US experiences with respect to poverty measurement. It was fairly small-scale but with established experts from both sides of the ocean. Presentations were held by Martin Ravallion, Tim Smeeding, Stephen Jenkins, Eric Marlier and others. It was interesting to hear about the US stance on Europe’s relative and more multidimensional perspective of poverty and Europe’s opinion about the absolute measurement, still using Orshansky’s poverty line. Below is the link to the conference website, where presentations will be posted soon:,3343,en_2649_33933_42139644_1_1_1_1,00.html

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