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Article in Journal of Income Distribution published!

February 9, 2010


A new article by myself and Franziska Gassmann is now published in the Journal of Income Distribution. It is part of a special issue with papers from the Conference on Income Distribution and the Family, which took place in the beginning of September 2008 in Kiel, Germany. This specific article investigates the distribution of child poverty in Vietnam and the existence of horizontal inequalities. We find large discrepancies between different groups of children in Vietnam with a large divide between those living in rural and urban areas, the northern mountainous regions and urbanized regions and between ethnic groups. The size and direction of inequality might, however, differ depending on the specific measure of poverty under consideration (monetary versus multidimensional poverty), which has implications for the formulation of adequate policies to address these inequalities. There is no evidence for the existence of any gender inequality.

The article entitled “Equal opportunities for all children in Vietnam? Assessing the distribution of child poverty from a monetary and multidimensional perspective” is published in Volume 18, issue 3-4. The full reference is as follows:  Roelen, Keetie, Franziska Gassmann (2009) “Equal Opportunities for all children in Vietnam – Assessing the distribution of child poverty from a monetary and multidimensional perspective”, Journal of Income Distribution 18(3-4): 206-231.

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