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PhD completed! New challenges ahead…

July 24, 2010

Two weeks ago, on Friday 9th of July, I publicly defended my dissertation and obtained my PhD degree.  During a 1-hour ceremony, I gave a 15-minute presentation and answered to questions and comments posed by the opponents in the assessment committee (or corona). The opponents during the ceremony included Jan Vranken from the University of Antwerp, Caroline Dewilde from the University of Amsterdam and David Gordon from Bristol University and questions pertained to my wider concept of child poverty, the choices related to domains, indicators, weighting schemes and aggregation and the use of an aggregated child poverty measure. I was honored these members were part of my committee and it was a great ceremony to close my PhD period. I was also very honored by all the support I received during this period by my supervisors Chris de Neubourg and Franziska Gassmann; without them I wouldn’t have been able to obtain the Dr title!

And now it’s time for new challenges… From the 1st of September onwards,  I will start working as a research fellow at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in Sussex, UK. More specifically, I will work for the Center of Social Protection and stay engaged with issues such as (child) poverty and vulnerability and social protection policies. I am very excited to start employment at such a renown institute with many well-known and established researchers. I will keep you posted here about all the new development

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