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the Global Fund – corruption and HIV-sensitive social protection

February 18, 2011


Unfortunately, this article in the Economist on the damaged reputation of the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria resonated well with anecdotal evidence from our recent fieldwork in Malawi and Botswana. We went out to document various iniatives related to HIV-sensitive social protection and visited a number of CBO’s and community-based social workers. Whether or not it is reflective of widespread and rampant corruption, as described in the Economist article, it did point out that local and community-based organizations had great difficulties to access funds from the Global Fund that were administered through National and District AIDS Committees. Proposals for various types of activities and projects to support those infected with or affected by HIV were submitted but rejected but there were also stories of proposals having been approved but without the funding ever coming through. Unfortunately, none of this anecdotal evidence is new. IDS colleagues already came to similar conclusions in 2009 in the Aid for AIDS project, which investigated the accessibility of donor funding for local and community-based organizations initiatives. Resources from the Global Fund through NACs proved especially hard to access and so last month’s criticism of the Global Fund can hardly come as a surprise.

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