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post-holiday resources

May 3, 2011


Cleaning up my email inbox after the prolonged Easter and Royal Wedding break drew my attention to some new interesting resources on child poverty, chronic poverty and social protection.

The first one is a newly published book by Nicola Jones and IDS colleague Andy Sumner entitled “Child Poverty evidence and policy: Mainstreaming children in international development” and published in Policy Press. Jones and Sumner introduce their 3D approach to well-being before discussing policy around children and child poverty, in particular policy narratives, actors and networks. It promises to provide an interesting insight into the evolving policy context around children in the last decade and to provoke thoughts around whether children’s visibility in policy processes has actually in- or decreased.

The second publication that I found in my inbox is published by the CPRC and focuses on social transfers and chronic poverty. Armando Barrientos and Miguel Niño-Zarazúa particularly discuss social assistance in their report Social tranfers and chronic poverty: Objectives, design, reach and impact. It is a comprehensive document seeking to answer questions pertaining to the extent to which social transfers can help those in chronic poverty, touching upon practical issues as well as previous evidence on impact.

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