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social protection discussions

May 3, 2011


Following up on an earlier post on the CSP conference on Social Protection for Social Justice, I also want to draw attention to two recent interesting posts and concurrent debates on the topic. Firstly, Madeleine Bunting questions the role of social protection to combat poverty in a blog post on the Guardian website. The second blog post is a more direct reference to the CSP conference and its discussions by Duncan Green on his blog from Power to Poverty.  The remit of both posts and concurrent comments seems to have an overarching theme and that is one of confusion: what is social protection really and what should it do? Should we be encompassing and aim high or be more strict in setting boundaries of what social protection is and what we expect it to do? Although these questions obviously occupy me as well, I try not to get caught up in discussions about the ‘what is the what’ of social protection; in the end, we are trying to improve people’s lives and alleviate poverty and discussions about terminology and definitions should not get in the way of fundamental discussions about how we may go about doing this.

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