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book launch Global Child Poverty and Well-Being

March 12, 2012

After a prolonged period of being an absent blogger, I am back in the blogosphere and will be posting on exciting new publications and launches in the coming days. This first one is about a new book on child poverty and well-being that was published with the Policy Press two weeks ago. This edited volume by Alberto Minujn and Shailen Nandy is an interesting collection of studies across the globe on measuring child poverty and well-being from various disciplinary perspectives. It holds a chapter on child poverty in Vietnam by myself and Franziska Gassmann:

Following widespread acknowledgement that children deserve a child-focused perspective in the development and poverty reduction process worldwide, the construction and use of child poverty approaches has received increasing attention over the last decade. This chapter uses a multidimensional and child-specific approach for the measurement of child poverty in Vietnam. Conceptually, this chapter explicitly illustrates the choices and decisions inherent to constructing a sound and solid approach. Although they have strong implications for concurrent outcomes, they are often not explicitly discussed.   Such choices include the formulation of the rationale and purpose of the approach, the establishment of its conceptual framework and selection of domains and indicators. Empirically, findings highlight that water and sanitation, leisure and shelter as the most pressing areas for children in Vietnam, and that poverty referring to shelter and water and sanitation are most closely related. Furthermore, there are large differences between children living in urban and rural areas, and between children living in different regions. The direction of regional disparities might differ, however, depending on the indicator or domain under consideration. In sum, we consider the multidimensional child poverty approach for Vietnam to be an important tool for policy making and academic research. It fills a knowledge gap in Vietnam and sets an example for the development of other country-specific child poverty approaches.’

A book launch is being organised at the New School in New York on 16 April.

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