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Poverty Dynamics and Social Mobility – Call for Papers

June 6, 2012

I have recently joined the team of co-convenors of the Development Studies Association (DSA) Study Group on Multidimensional Poverty and Poverty Dynamics, together with Laura Camfield, Meera Tiwari and Solava Ibrahim. We will be organising a panel session at the DSA Annual Conference on Saturday 3 November 2012. The focus of the panel will be poverty dynamics and social mobility, thereby addressing the conference theme of inequality and fairness. The papers in this panel should aim to add to the debate on poverty dynamics and social mobility by specifically drawing on the expanding body of research across the ‘South’ and the ‘North. We invite scholars working on this topic to submit their paper! 

Issues of inequality and fairness are global concerns, with parallels across the common divide of developing and developed countries. The panel will explore various aspects of dynamics and mobility by drawing parallels and teasing out common challenges as well as context-specific challenges. 

We invite those working on this topic to submit an abstract (300-500 words) to the Study Group convenors by 2 July 2012. The deadline for full papers is 21 October 2012. You can send your submission to me on my IDS email account: We aim to get back to those having submitted an abstract by end of July.

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