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Mixed Methods Research in Poverty and Vulnerability – Call for Papers

February 11, 2013

Mixed Methods Research in Poverty and Vulnerability: sharing ideas and learning lessons

The use of mixed methods in researching poverty and vulnerability has expanded rapidly in the last few years, providing valuable lessons learned and best practices. In addition, the wealth of experiences with existing methods have also laid the foundation for more innovative approaches in integrating quantitative and qualitative research.

The University of East Anglia and IDS are organising a workshop to share ideas and experiences, learn lessons from past and on-going work and discuss work-in-progress on the use of mixed methods research in the field of poverty and vulnerability. We aim to do so in more detail and with more depth than possible in other conferences or workshops on poverty and vulnerability.

The workshop will focus on three different themes and mixed-methods research within those themes: 1) poverty measurement, 2) poverty dynamics, and 3) impact evaluation.

Within each of these themes, we seek to address a number of sub-questions pertaining to challenges not usually tackled in papers/ events, such as:

–       How do you integrate qualitative and quantitative data in analysis, especially when using more innovative qualitative and quantitative methods?

–       How do you ‘quality control’?

–       How do you present it in a way that both does justice to the particularities of the methods involved and is palatable to policy and practice audiences?

–       What are more innovative interpretations of mixed methods, for example, use of photographs or video?

A Call for Papers has been published to invite researchers to submit an abstract for presentation in the workshop.  We invite proposals for paper presentations on each of the three topics above. Proposals from both senior and junior researchers will be considered, including PhD students. We will give priority to proposals on work-in-progress rather than planned or completed projects. The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2013.

Proposals (300-500 words) can be submitted to:

Keetie Roelen and/or Laura Camfield

More information can be found here:

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